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I'm just happy to be knitting them. :) Socks rock.


The Vesper color way looks like a color way I have from Sunshine Yarns. Mine is called Rock Star Girl. And I almost wore mine today. They are my favorite socks since they cheer you up with their colors.


great socks Kelly :) Kelly can you direct me to a baby sock link pattern that is thorough in its instructions - even one from Ravelry would be great as long as the instuctions are understandable - some ive found dont explain things enough and im getting really confused. :(


Wow! I love these! I'd love to have as large a collection of socks as you probably have. I think after working 2 at a time, you never wanna go back to working on just one.


Another convert to two at a time!! It is the way to go, looks like you are having fun. I am glad to be back home and the current 70 (yes 70) degree weather...won't last long but I will take it after last week.
Happy knitting!


I love those socks! I'm on my first pair of 2 at a time..hehe..but doing them toe up. Should be interesting.

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