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I know the feeling...when I can't figure out what to do it is back to the socks. There is something to finishing them, particularly when done two at a time. Funny...I have been thinking about the Cherry Country Shawl too. Something about that midwest background and my Door County days that make it a project of interest!
Glad you are all better there.


You are a sock powerhouse! I made Noro Butterfly and found that the sizing ran very very big. Dunno if others have found the same. It sits in my closet waiting to be ripped.


I vote for the shawl. This way you will be helping me with my lace fix. It will be so pretty!!!! What color hand spun? Details please.


Beautiful socks!!


Great socks!

I hear you on the socks being a go-to project. I'm about ready to light my CPH on fire and give up on anything bigger than a legwarmer. ;o)


Awesome! I've only knit plain ones 2 at a time! Go you!

Susan Pandorf

Will look forward to watching your Cherry Country unfold. Hope you enjoy knitting her as much as I did...



Wow, look at all the socks you have finished. They all look great. I especially love the watermelon socks from a few posts down. So cute!


I have been in a sock mood too. Maybe the weather has something to do with it? ;)

Both pair of socks are lovely.

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