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Congrats! Magic Loop is the way to go, I never did learn to do the DP thing (did try a mini sock, but it looked very strange), it makes it easy and fun...tell her "welcome" to the club!


That is so great! She is doing an amazing job! I agree that the magic loop method is the way to go. Now she will be addicted!


A lovely young lady doing a lovely job. There is a lot right with that picture.

And I'm squarely in the Magic Loop fan club.


Wow look how much she's done, I'm impressed!


Hurray!!! Good for her. She looks like a pro already.


That's awesome! I was disappointed when my daughter didn't take to knitting the first time she tried too. I haven't given up yet though.


Yay!!! Another knitter! ;o)


Awesome! Hehe..I have 3 words for your stash! ;)

Seriously, it is really great that she's knitting, darn, wished mine would!

amanda cathleen

wow! Look at her go! I wish I was that good at magic loop


Hey, how exciting is that?
Pretty soon we'll have to let her come along on our Rhinebeck expeditions!


Wow! She looks so grown up! Maybe it's the sock ;)

Congratulations to you both!

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